The Plan B (just in case)

Every serious project has a contingency plan to ensure irs successful completion also in case of unavoidable problems and since our Calypso is far too important, we need our own plan B. 

Relocating to the Caribbean is not a simple task with a lot of aspects which has to fit together at the right time and sometime one single unexpected issue may be enough to stop the all plan.

The geographical and cultural distance from Europe are positive aspects of the Caribbean but they may become problems in case of changes in our families or in the political and or economical status of countries. Similar porblems may prevent or make extremy difficult our relocation outside Europe.

As divers we learned to accept the unexpected and therefore we are prepared to continue with the Calypso project witout changing its principles just the place, somwehere closer, an European destination.

We looked at the map of Europe to find places which are warm through all the year, with great diving site, effortable real estate and easy to live.

As Italian, I have exculded Italy becasue despite the marvelous coasts, the fantastic food and the great people, local legislation and taxation are unfortunataly not sustainable for a project like ours.

After looking at all the various southern destination with good diving opportunities, we ended up choosing two options: Malta and the Canary Islands, possibly Lanzarote. And I guess it is not by chance that they are both islands, but maybe more about this on a later post.

Malta is well know for diving, mainly wreck diving, and its historical sites to vist. The health of marine life and more in general the type of tourism is somehow a concern becasue they seems to be distant from out project vision but at the same time that could be considered as an opportunity to do things differently and therefore eventually answer to the demand of sustainable tourism which today in Malta may be not met.

On the contrary Lanzarote seems to be much more alligned to our ideas even if it is never easy to judge only by reading about a place without having been there.

That's the reason why, starting from this year, we will spend our next two years summer vacations in Matla first and Lanzarote after and see which of the two we will like the most.

In fact in few days, we will be in Malta to explore the island above and under the water and see if it could be a good destination for the Calypso project.




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