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Why we started Calypso Project

This project started as an answer to our need of change but at the beginning it wasn’t really clear which direction we wanted to take. The reasons for such a need were pretty unclear and so were the expectations, in fact what we had was nothing more than the feeling that something was not correct, somehow. But there was actually nothing we could say we were missing because we actually had and still have everything. Things started clearing up few years ago after a short swim in the wonderful crystal-clear sea waters of one Elba island’s beach, when I got my hand full of tiny small pieces of plastic. By looking at the sea from the beach, the Mediterranean water was appearing to be one of the cleanest on hearth, but the reality was different: it was a soup of tiny pieces of plastic garbage, almost unnoticeable. That hand covered in plastic was for us a punch in the face. As ocean lover, we were quite familiar with everything endangering our oceans, and more extensively our planet, but su

Ehi wait a sec! What about a Plan C?

Portoferraio - Elba Island - Mediterranean Sea Do we really need a plan C?  Actually not, one back-up plan is normally more than enough unless you are NASA trying to send people on Mars and we definitely are not. The fact is that in the last weeks....maybe more months....thoughts went wild, focusing a lot on ocean conservation, minimalism, freedom, scuba diving as inner peace and self rediscovery experience. So these new ideas coming up are now slowly distancing us from a classic touristic model and moving to explore alternatives which are looking more at our impact on the environment, on our and others lives and less at how to get an income, even if low.. Plan C in fact starts from a totally different prospective. It is not about finding the best way to ensure a minimum income to be able to live sufficiently comfortable in a warm place with limited responsibilities. No, this plan starts from thinking which would be the best way to live with the minimum possible cost in a warm place wi