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Pina Colada for Caribbean mood

While working on our project it is important to keep a good Caribbean mood, especially when the Dutch weather seems to forget we are in summer. We staid extremely classic... Pina Colada, one of the most popular Caribbean cocktail which is also very easy to prepare. Beside the pineapple juice and a nice light rum Banks 5 Island Blend , the main ingredient is the cream of coconut and  Coco Lopez  is absolutely the best!! The recipe cannot be simpler to remember and to prepare: - 1 part of pineapple juice - 1 part of cream of coconut - 1 part of light rum Put all together with ice in a blender and you are in the Caribbean!

A nice Caribbean Breeze

While working on the project, we did a nice family dive at Zoetersbout, here in the Netherlands. Weather was fantastic, great water temperature and we saw plenty of juvenile lobsters, wonderful. Once back from the dive, to help staying focused on our project we enjoyed a nice Caribbean Breeze!!! We used the following very much recommended recipe: 1 part of dark room Banks 7 Golden Age 1/2 part of Bacardi Coconut Rum 4 parts of pineapple juice 4 parts of cranberry juice