Our Dream

The Calypso Project started as the answer to our need of a different life.
In fact, slowly we began to realize that our high consumers life was not giving us any real pleasure or value but on the contrary such life was not sustainable for the planet and our own wellbeing.
At the same time, diving was becoming our main hobby till the point that we both became PADI Pros.
It didn’t take long for our passion in diving to boost our need of a more sustainable life since our priorities were changing.
Environment, sustainability and ocean conservation are words which started to become part of our daily life.
As result, we are now committed to change our life and be dedicated to propose a sustainable accommodation in the Caribbean for people to enjoy that wonderful environment.
We shall encourage responsible interaction with the local environment and advocate for ocean conservation, informing our guests about local initiatives.
Diving will be an integral part of our commitment. We shall share our scuba diving passion, knowledge and experiences by teaching scuba diving in a safe and conscious manner and by showing the wonderful and delicate underwater world.
We shall actively enlighten the benefit of scuba diving in relieving stress and boosting happiness and self confidence thanks to proper breathing, weightless sensation and calm underwater environment.

Corals Conservation




Ehi wait a sec! What about a Plan C?