Ehi wait a sec! What about a Plan C?

Portoferraio - Elba Island - Mediterranean Sea

Do we really need a plan C? 
Actually not, one back-up plan is normally more than enough unless you are NASA trying to send people on Mars and we definitely are not.
The fact is that in the last weeks....maybe more months....thoughts went wild, focusing a lot on ocean conservation, minimalism, freedom, scuba diving as inner peace and self rediscovery experience.
So these new ideas coming up are now slowly distancing us from a classic touristic model and moving to explore alternatives which are looking more at our impact on the environment, on our and others lives and less at how to get an income, even if low..
Plan C in fact starts from a totally different prospective.
It is not about finding the best way to ensure a minimum income to be able to live sufficiently comfortable in a warm place with limited responsibilities.
No, this plan starts from thinking which would be the best way to live with the minimum possible cost in a warm place with almost no responsibilities.
And that's how after a not too long brainstorm, we arrived to the idea of becoming fulltimers!
Yes, you have read it correctly, plan C is about living permanently on a camper around south Europe, nomads along the Mediterranean coast from Portugal to Greece following scuba diving teaching opportunities and promoting marine conservation to preserve what is left of the wonderful Mediterranean Sea.
Owning a house, even without a mortgage, is a high fixed cost on a family budget. 
Owning a camper instead, not only reduce drastically the fixed costs but ultimately it also forces to have a minimalist life, simply because there is not enough space.
Yep, I know....quite a drastic change from the original idea of our Calypso project, and probably that's why it is still only a plan C, but in reality the inspiring principles are the same.
At the core, this project was born to answer our need to change, to move away from a social (and economical) model that is not sustainable anymore, at least not for us.
Somehow unconsciously, till now we considered only islands as potential destination, I believe because they represent also symbolically a distance from the rest of the world and its way of living.
In a way, becoming fulltimers means also going away from the ordinary and conventional life.
We still have some years before the final decision and a lot may happen in the mean time in the but I would not surprised if in the end plan C would become the main plan.

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