About us

The Project team is just us, Giuseppe (better know as Beppe) and Natasja. Actually, there is also our daughter Chiara but she is not really part of Calypso Project since she is still a teenager student who likely will find her own way in life.

 We are at the end of our 40s, sufficiently old and wise to have realized not too late that a life spent building big corporation careers, gaining social status and earning money to effort useless things is a wasted life.

We all three love scuba diving, Beppe is PADI Specialty Instructor and Natasja PADI Divemaster and soon Open Water Instructor. For the record, Chiara is determined to become one of the earlier PADI Junior Divemaster.

We regularly dive in our free time, also in the Dutch winters (….no, not only in the Caribbean) and during our holidays.

When we started to think about this project, we knew we needed a change but we could not see well into which direction to go. After some time, ideas got clearer and clearer.

Now we believe that the best way to enrich our lives with meaning and sense is to create valuable moments and memories to other people and to preserve the marine environment.

Providing sustainable and comfortable accommodation in a relaxing environment, teaching scuba diving and help discovering and preserving the underwater world are the main pillars on which this life changing project is going to be built.

- UPDATE JUNE 2022 - 

Natasja is now also a PADI Scuba Diver instructor after passing brilliantly her Instructor Exam here the post and video




Ehi wait a sec! What about a Plan C?

Why we started Calypso Project