Why The Caribbean??

Ok... now that we took the decision to change our life, we had to choose where.
Luckily we traveled a lot for pleasure and for business and we saw quite a significant portion of our planet, from East to West, from North to South.

There is one main factor leading the choice, the weather!
Gray and cold days for weeks in a row are banned which means limiting the search area to the tropics.

Excluding Africa and South America due to risk of instability, three possibilities remain:
  • Far East Asia
  • Pacific Islands of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia
  • The Caribbean
Pacific Islands are not a real option for us since besides luxury resorts there are not many sustainable opportunities for long term stay.

So quickly we ended up with two options, Far East Asia or The Caribbean. Both are wonderful places, perfect for diving with good opportunities for long stays.
I lived in Far East Asia between Jakarta and Singapore for a few years and there are fantastic locations in the area but the language and cultural difference, while very attractive on the short term, may become a limitation on the long term.
Ultimately….. The Caribbean is the preferred choice!!!

We have been there only twice!!!
The first time was more than 15 years ago when we went to Bahamas in a Club Med….I cannot believe how young we were…
...and the second time, just last year, when we spent an amazing diving time in Curacao...and yes we were with one more than the last time...

We in Curacao

We can proudly say we saw the northern and southern part of the Carribean but in fact there is much more there which we will need to discover during this project.



Antigua and Barbuda


Saint Kitts and Nevis