Grenada is an island country of the West Indies at the south end of Grenadines islands chain.

Independent since 1974,  after being initially part of the Commonwealth, Grenada went through a decade of  coups and revolutionary governments which end with the invasion of U.S. forces. Since then the island returned within the Commonwealth with a relatively stable political situation.

The territory is les than 350 SqrKm with a population of less than 125,000 people.

The economy is mainly based on tourism and nutmeg export.

Nutmeg is so much part of Grenada's culture and life that is it even depicted on the national flag

Tourism is the largest source of foreign exchange mainly coming from North America and U.K., instead the amount of European tourists is very limited but that could represent an opportunity for our project.

Diving tourism is considered an important part and the Grenada Tourism authority believe in the potential and it is investing and promoting it and supports projects related to scuba diving and marine conservation.

In the recent years, ecotourism has seen an important growth and it is very well supported and promoted.

Despite hotels, resorts and cruises represent the main types of  touristic accommodation, there is also a good availability of rental houses an apartments as alternatives and it represent an opportunity   

Real estate prices are moderately on the high side but the availability of choices and types of accommodation should allow to find properties fitting our project idea and budget.

The permanent residency or the citizenship can be obtained with either with a donation to a Government fund or with an investment on Government approved real estate. At the present the required amount is 200,000$ plus fees on both cases and it is reasonable to believe that will increase in the future.

Mainly for this last reason, Grenada is not going to be a potential destination for our project, despite all other aspects are very attractive ad the island nature above and below the sea is really wonderful.




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