Saba is the smallest special municipality of The Netherlands and a small Caribbean island of 13 square kilometres where less than 2000 people are living permanently.
Located in the northern Leeward islands of the West Indies, Saba is essentially composed by the potentially active volcano Mount Scenery which reaches 887 meters of altitude.

Historically since the 17th century, the island has always been under Dutch dominion apart from a period of 150 years under the British Kingdom which ended at the beginning of the 19th century.
During the British period, Saba was a hideout for Jamaican pirates often joined by English people who were send to the island because considered “undesirable” by the homeland authorities.
After the Dutch regain control of the island in the 1816, the legitimate trading and sailing become the main activities till when stating in the 1960s tourism was steadily growing importance also thanks to the construction of an airport and a vessel pear.

Nowadays tourism with its 25,000 annual visitors is the major economic activity and it is particularly focused on sustainable ecotourism with great scuba diving sites.
Saba is often named the “Unspoiled Queen” of the Caribbean because of its been out of the touristic mainstream.
Since 1987, the waters around the island are a protected National Marine Park to preserve the coral reef and marine life.

Saba is definitely an excellent scuba diving destination and the fact that it is not globally known as such it has the benefit of preserving the environment and guarantee sustainable and relaxed diving experiences.
The rocky coasts with great wall, drop-off and pinnacles are ideal formations for scuba diving but that also means there are not real beaches and that may be a limitation for someone, especially for non-divers. 

The limited availability of housing and the presence of the American Saba School of Medicine attracting expats are the reasons for a highly priced real estate market with limited opportunities of our project.
As European, residency would definitely not be an issues since it is Dutch territory.
The extremely limited size of the island and the seasonal weather with heavy rain period are other aspects which are not favoring Saba as potential destination for us.

Possibly Saba shall become a favorite destination for our short breaks and times away once the project shall be completed and developed one the chosen Caribbean island.




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